Review: Historia económica de España

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Review Historia económica de España

Historia económica de España, written by a team of 19 economic historians led by Agustín González Enciso and Juan Manuel Matés, is a monumental work (+1000 pages!) in Spanish about the economic history of Spain. The book offers both a general perspective of the long-term evolution and factors that have influences Spanish economics, as well as a detailed account about the economics of each period. The text is complemented by abundant graphics, images, and academic references to ensure the understanding and truthfulness of the information offered.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on Amazon or elsewhere about this book, but it’s used as the guideline and reference book in many History Departments of Spanish Universities, I think that guarantees enough the quality of this work, apart from the fact that 19 historians have collaborated in this work to give birth to this masterpiece.

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