Review: Fernando VII: Un rey deseado y detestado

cover fernando vii un rey deseado y detestado

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Review Fernando VII: Un rey deseado y detestado

Fernando VII: Un rey deseado y detestado, written by historian Emilio La Parra, is the best Spanish-written biography of one of the most influential kings of the history of Spain (and for bad), Ferdinand VII of Bourbon. He has been labelled by many as the worst king in Spanish history, which is really something considering the quantity of incompetent kings Spain has had. The book has 760 pages, so it’s pretty dense, and of course you need to know Spanish to read it. This book of Emilio La Parra won the Comillas Awards in the category of History, Biographies and Memoirs that Tusquets Editorial concedes annually, which demonstrates its quality. Sorry folks, I couldn’t find a single biography in English about this man!

This is what the buyers say on Amazon:

The book is magnificent. Nice reading even for non-experts like me. I have managed to understand for the first time why this Bourbon king, so morally unpresentable, could have been so desired. Rigorously and carefully documented. Absolutely recommended.” – Tomás Martín Camaño

If Juan Carlos I leads the third restoration of the Bourbons in Spain at the hands of Franco’s dictatorship (the Monarchy of the Movement, which becomes a parliamentary monarchy through the so-called Transition: a process controlled by Franco’s power), the first restoration of the Bourbon dynasty is played by Fernando VII. Its importance in the recent history of Spain is enormous. This Spanish monarch was a man very concerned about his image, very easily influenced and distrustful, extremely hypocritical; Hedonist and glutton, stood out in the billard and card games. Obsessed with money and possessions, the monarchy considers its patrimony and governs it with the meticulousness of a manager. Essentially, it is the motor of the counter-revolutionary movement to which the liberals (divided between moderate and exalted) are opposed with great ingenuity. It establishes a personalist, tyrannical monarchy. Perpetrates several coups d’état and when it fails, he entrusts the Hundred Thousand Children of San Luis, the executing arm of the monarchical alliance, to complete the task. Intransigent, repressive, criminal. He was a popular, easy-going king. Professor Emilio La Parra’s book is well written and will not disappoint lovers of history and biography.” – JMSam

“Very interesting. Easy to read if you like history. Essential to understand the historical figure of Ferdinand VII.” – Ángel Aznar Canales

Summary of reviews: all are very positive reviews, I couldn’t find any negative review on Amazon or elsewhere. Give it a chance if you know Spanish, totally worth your money!

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