Finally, after months of preparation, The History of Spain Podcast launches! This is the first episode, a very short one where you will learn the following:

Show notes

  • The History of Spain Podcast is focused on Spanish history following a chronological order
  • I will cover the history of Portugal too, until the 17th century due to the Portuguese Restoration War. Maybe in not the same detail as the rest of Spain though
  • The podcast is biweekly, at least at first
  • Each regular episode will last between 20 and 40 minutes
  • There will be a section called The Verdict at the end of each episode, where I will give my reflections, thoughts or rethorical questions about an issue related to the episode
  • I will cover Spanish Prehistory, Protohistory and Roman period in less detail than the rest of periods
  • In this website you have a monumental list of books of the history of Spain available on Amazon, in Spanish and English


There are thousands of history podcasts out there, some are more generalists, others are longer and more specialized, some give a very unique perspective and others focus on a period or a country. Now let’s look over the podcasts focused on a certain country. We have The British History Podcast, The History of Rome, The History of Byzantium, The History of China, The History of Japan, heck there are even podcasts on the history of Bulgaria and Poland. It amazes me how there is no finished or ongoing podcast focused on countries that have been very influential to the world, like France or Spain. I’m not French, I don’t speak French and I’m not especially interested in the history of France, but I’m Spaniard and I find very interesting and worth to tell in English the history of Spain. This is not my first history podcast, though. I became a podcaster in May with a podcast called Sapiens History. My first show had a bad name for SEO, it wasn’t focused on a certain age or country or even a certain perspective, and to be honest it was quite bad. The good thing is that I have learned many things from that experience, or that’s what I would like to think.

So here I am, introducing to the world my new podcast, The History of Spain Podcast, where I will narrate, explain and interpret the history of Spain in a chronological order. For Spain I mean the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula, so the history of Portugal will be somehow included as well up to their War of Independence against Spain in the 17th century. Of course, I will also talk about the states and colonies that were under Spanish kings and queens, the evolution of the Spanish society, religion, economy and stuff like that. Each episode will last between 20 and 40 minutes and there will be a section in the end of every episode called The Verdict, and in that section I will give my reflections, thoughts or rhetorical questions about something related to the episode. The show will be biweekly, which means that I will publish an episode every two weeks. The History of Spain Podcast would take several years to be finished at that pace, but hopefully I will be able to make the show weekly in the future. I think that in the next 2 years it will be almost certainly impossible to make the podcast weekly, unless I get someone else to join the project. In any case first I will focus on growing the audience, but if you like the content I deliver, please spread the word and recommend it to friends and history nerds.

Talking more in detail about the content, as I said I will follow a chronological order, but I will not dedicate the same amount of time to Prehistoric Iberia and, say, the Imperial Age. In this episode I’m making the introduction and in the following I will talk about the geography of the Iberian Peninsula, where you will learn the advantages and handicaps of the Spanish geography. From episode 3 to 5 I will explain the Prehistory and Protohistory of Iberia, with the focus on the native people and foreign colonies. From episode 6 to 10 or 11 you will learn about the Roman conquest of Hispania, the process of Romanization and the Germanic invasions. From episode 12 or 13 on, I will talk about the time periods much more in depth. In the first year I calculate that I will cover the history of Spain from Prehistory to the fall of the Visigothic Kingdom and the Muslim Umayyad conquest of the peninsula.

On another note, I wanted to thank fellow history podcasters that have given me support and advice, like Flash Point History Podcast, The History of Ancient Greece Podcast, History of the Papacy Podcast, Pontifacts and The Age of Napoleon, just to name a few.

The last thing I need to talk about is about the website, There you will find for free the scripts of the episodes and the sources I used for each episode. In the website there’s a section with an enormous list of books of the history of Spain that you can find on Amazon, books both in English and Spanish. You have a short description in English of every book, please consider to take a look because there is very interesting stuff there. Moreover, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter where you will get a reminder of the new episodes, Spanish history books and history podcasts recommendations, and more stuff.

Remember to follow The History of Spain Podcast in social media, it’s on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with stuff published every day. Please subscribe to the podcast, share it with friends and leave a review. I hope you enjoyed the episode and thank you for listening!

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