Month: September 2018

The History of Spain Podcast is coming up in November!

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What is ‘The History of Spain Podcast’?

Well, the name is pretty explicit, sn’t it? Here it is, the announcement of the release of the first English podcast on the history of one of the most influential countries of world history, Spain. In The History of Spain Podcast you will learn the chronological history of Spain. I made many mistakes with my first podcast, Sapiens History, and I wanted a fresh started, so I said what the heck, let’s try something else. And here I am, taking advantage of being Spaniard, which will allow me to access to Spanish sources. The other reason is that it’s a bit sad that a country such as Spain doesn’t have a history podcast of its own, much like France (someone tried but abandoned), while other much more irrelevant countries like Poland or Bulgaria (no offense) have their own.

In the firsts episodes I will quickly summarize the Prehistory and Ancient History of the Iberian Peninsula, to later tell in more detail the history of Spain from the Visigothic Kingdom onwards. Here is the list of episodes (may be subject to changes) I plan to release in the first year:

  1. Introduction of ‘The History of Spain Podcast’
  2. Geographical conditions of the Iberian Peninsula
  3. Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age
  4. Phoenician and Greek colonies
  5. Iberian, Celtic and Tartessian cultures
  6. Origins of the Basques
  7. Punic Wars and competing foreign interests over Iberia
  8. Roman Conquest of Hispania
  9. Romanization of Hispania Part 1
  10. Romanization of Hispania Part 2
  11. Rise of Christianism and Germanic invasions
  12. The alliances between Romans and Visigoths
  13. King Euric and the establishment of the Visigothic Kingdom
  14. Frankish pressure and migrations to Hispania
  15. Theodoric the Great, Ostrogoth regent of the Visigoths
  16. The Fall of the Balti dynasty
  17. Civil war and Byzantine invasion
  18. Ambitions of unification under King Leovigild
  19. Suintila, first king of all Spain
  20. Fourth Council of Toledo
  21. Powerful crown under Chindasuinth and Recceswinth
  22. Erosion of peace and order in the Visigothic realm
  23. Muslim Umayyad invasion of Hispania
  24. Legacy and evaluation of the Kingdom of the Visigoths

When is it coming? What’s up with this website?

I will release The History of Spain Podcast in November (stay tuned in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) with the first 3 episodes, or maybe 4 but no promises because I want to always have the two following episodes already written just in case. On the other hand, in this website I will post the episodes, the scripts of the episodes, the YouTube videos and the sources I used for each episode, both Spanish and English. I’m working on a long list of books of the history of Spain (actually two, divided between Spanish and English) that you can find on Amazon and buy. With those affiliate links I will take a small comission for each sale, make sure you check it out hehe.

To end this post, I very much recommend you to follow the podcast on social media, because there are daily posts and great history stuff there, as well as to subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter will start with the release of the podcast, but you can sign up now. You will receive the notice of the new episodes, recommendations of history books and podcasts and much more stuff! See ya!