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Good bye, Roman Empire!

This is episode 13 called Good bye, Roman Empire! and in this episode you will learn: Show notes Who were Ricimer...

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Barbarians against Barbarians

This is episode 11 called Barbarians against Barbarians and in this episode you will learn: Show notes The origins of the...

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david cot

I am David Cot Cañigueral, a Spaniard who lives in Barcelona while studying Business at Pompeu Fabra University (yeah, totally unrelated with my passion for history!). As I’m Spanish, I have access to sources that a non-Spanish-speaking person wouldn’t have. I had a podcast called Sapiens History that lasted 20 episodes, it was a failure but I think it was something I needed to experience to now have more knowledge on podcasting. Hope this podcast on the super interesting history of Spain works! Follow the show on social media (daily posts and many other stuff) and if you have any doubts contact me on [email protected]

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